Flood pumps

The 100% liquid vacuum device. It gets every drop!

Flat suction technology enables liquids on large surfaces to be vacuumed and pumped out completely, e.g. Suitable for basements during flooding , for flat roofs or for heating oil in the basement. The flat suction pumps are built by our partner ZUWA; delivering robustness and quality from Bavaria. SAQUICK supplies different versions for different applications:

  • Extraction sets for service technicians to operate with a standard drill (inexpensive and flexible)
  • Tailor made for the fire brigade or THW (Municipal services, German: Technisches Hilfswerk) set with oil-compatible hose (For leaking heating oil tanks in the basement)
  • Flat suction pumps ideal for use in flooded basements
  • Flood pumps for pumping medium to large amounts of water

Flat suction technology: Info flood pumps

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