MAMMUT combi mixer KM 150 2S

Sandbag filling device and concrete: Dual-purpose mixer

The Dual-Purpose mixer is the logical result of the convergence of MAMMUT and SAQUICK.

The KM 150 2 S can quickly and easily be turned from a concrete mixer into a sandbag filling machine. While the slide serves as an outlet for concrete, 2 SAQUICK metering filler necks can be attached to 2 further openings via flanges.

Sand bags sized 30 x 60 cm and silo sand bags with an opening of 24 cm (appropriate filling spouts available) can then be filled by machine.

Mammut filling mixers are field-proven and modified concrete mixers from the manufacturer MAMMUT in Gurten in Austria. Robust technology, combined with the filling expertise of SAQUICK, guarantees high output rates. For damp, wet or very coarse sand. Safe and fast.

The SAQUICK filler neck allows both hands to hold the sandbag open, to ensure the correct dosage of sand.

Filling takes only 2 seconds with this quick open/close system.

The 2 filling openings are arranged so that the machine can be filled safely with a wheel loader or excavator.

Advantages of the MAMMUT combi mixer KM 150 2S:

Different types of drives are possible with most MAMMUT filling mixers: Electric or combustion engine or PTO (Power Take Off).

  • Operative within 10 minutes PTO capable
  • 2 SAQUICK dosing filling spouts for fast and continuous filling.
  • Standard bags sized 30 x 60 cm (smaller filling spouts for silo bags)
  • 2 filling openings with quick open/close system, and bag holder
  • Easy filling in 2 seconds, approx. 600 bags per hour possible per opening (corresponds to approx. 1200 bags / hour / machine = 18 tons of sand)
  • Processing moist and wet sand
  • Protective grille in the container
  • 9.5 or 11 kW electric motor, 400 volt
  • Robust angular gear for smooth operation
  • 800 liter material container capacity
  • Container diameter 150 cm
  • Stacker shoes
  • Galvanized height adjustment
  • Removable bag rack
  • Hopper accessories
  • Machine painted
  • Other accessories according to the price list
  • 3 year guarantee

Download product data sheet MAMMUT combi mixer KM 150 2S

Saquick-Product-Datasheet-CombiMixer-KM150-2S_en.pdf (1.7 MiB)