SAQUICK sandbag filling machines

Areas of application and possible uses:

  • As mobile flood protection for dike defense and flood protection for the fire brigade, the THW (Technische Hilfswerk), the army (related to military fortifications)
  • for the construction yard of the municipality and in the district
  • In civil engineering projects like road construction and
  • for use in agriculture and in agricultural engineering projects for ballasting with sandbags and silo bags made of silage film, strawberry fleece, asparagus film or geotextile and for bagging split and gravel
  • Likewise in agriculture projects for bagging feed, fertilizers, fruit kernels/pips/stones or pellets.
    SAQUICK and MAMMUT sandbag filling machines: customized sandbag machines specially adapted for different applications.

SAQUICK and MAMMUT sandbag filling machines

The advantages of the SAQUICK and MAMMUT sandbag filling machines:

  • Effective filler neck "SAQUICK metering filler neck"
  • Effective conveyor technology
  • Effective vibration technology
  • Effective drive technology (electric, diesel, PTO depending on model)
  • For damp and wet sand
  • Rapid sagging
  • High filling performance
  • Easy handling
  • High security
  • Ergonomically designed for the safe filling of the machine
  • Low power consumption from 4.0 KW, 16A for maximum output
  • Electric sandbag filler
  • Ergonomic and safe – fully height-adjustable supports
  • Hot-dip galvanized TITAN machines
  • MAMMUT service partner across Europe
  • Well over 400 SAQUICK machines, over 10,000 MAMMUT machines
  • For sandbags and silo bags

SAQUICK is a manufacturer and partner.