SAQUICK filling funnel (hopper)

Sand bags can be easily filled alone

The filling funnels from SAQUICK are designed to fill small quantities alone or with a co-worker.

Sacks can easily be filled alone. Thanks to the simple fixing mechanism, the sack remains open and the bulk material can be filled with a shovel.

Usage scenarios for the SAQUICK hopper:

  • Municipal Building yard
  • Agriculture
  • Fire Department
  • THW (technical relief organization)
  • GermanArmed forcesBuilding materials trade

Different versions are available for sandbags and silo bags.
The standard version of the SAQUICK filling funnel "single" has a very good track record in agriculture acting as a ballast for silage film, strawberry fleece or asparagus film.

As a flexible manufacturer, we are happy to explore other applications on request.

Practice video: filling sandbags by SAQUICK hopper

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